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and so I don't doubt it's existance again,

Monparnasse...holding what looks like a knife. :D Sad thing is I still remeber exactly where on stage this was taken...
14th-Nov-2009 08:26 pm - 13 Moons Party

I was there last night. It was great, even though I ended up leaving around 2-ish after Kai Altair's set before Copal performed :( (I haven’t gotten much sleep recently yes.)

I got there a bit past 9 after getting a bit lost as the street it was on wasn't easy to find as because of a building the street separated at a point and I ended up going completely the opposite way for a wile, though eventually I got there. And the moment I did get there I was greeted by Jess, Kyra, and Phil and were later joined by Ariel and her mom and we were around the bake sale (because it was Jess and Kyra's bake sale and all proceeds went to Indian Orphans.) though by 12 I realised I probably should have sat down at some point...Performances started around 11 with Paige Stevenson and then number of performers from Lady Circus (I can't remember the names of each individual...) and then a small intermission which was followed by Sera Solstice and then Veronica Varlow, after a second intermission Kai Altair would have performed, but something about the drum and a little black box didn't work so there was a stall for that were it was prayed for and it's little soul was sold. And finally whatever went wrong was fixed and the set list was

Mama Ocean

Long Ago and Far Away
Sail Away
Here She Comes

And then I left.

So there is a little recap of the night.
And here are pictures (Warning, there is the least atractive picture of me in the long history of unatractive pictures of me in there, though thankfully it's with Veronica so if cover me it's a wonderfull picture.)

I was going to be going to see Amanda Palmer tonight, though I'm extremly tired and Andre went instead.
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